About Us

What’s CheapHomeGrow.com about?

My website is new. I launched it a few months ago with the idea of interviewing the most interesting people in the cannabis industry.

I’ve always been curious about the industry, and this is the simplest way for me to deepen my knowledge by talking/connecting with people I find that could help not only educate me but my readership.

My goal is to interview professors, photographers, growers (home grow and industrial), doctors, lawyers, influencers, politicians, entrepreneurs, brands and anyone else that’s related to the cannabis industry.

A few of my interviewees have asked me, Why are you doing this?

Here’s my answer…

Instead of reading various news clippings about the cannabis business or multiple blogs I figured I would make my own. Why rely on third party websites/blogs to educate myself when I can steep myself in the industry.

This isn’t a 9-5 job, and I do it solely for my own enjoyment and education. If I can help you (the reader) in any way then all the better. If you’ve enjoyed reading the interviews, please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, please signup for my newsletter.

If you’ve received an email or DM on Twitter, Instagram, FB or any other social media platform that means I would like to know what you have to say.

Is my work under copyright?


If you’re interested in republishing/syndicating my content on your website, call me at the below number or email me.

Who am I?

I’m Shane McCormick. Contact me here


I interviewed Reverend Tom Capo at the beginning of the year. Reverend Capo has a very progressive stance towards marijuana legalization. I felt his voice had to be heard, so I was fortunate to write an article on Patheos.com about our interview.

My interview with Dr. Charles-Bush Joseph was featured on FreedomLeaf.com

My interviews with cannabis researcher professor Jacob Miguel Vigil and Caleb aka CANNiLIVE on Twitter got turned into an addiction article on CannabisCulture.com

(Disclaimer: the owner of CheapHomeGrow.com doesn’t endorse or support any of our interviewee’s answers. Their opinions and answers are their own. We simply ask the questions and publish their answers)