How Atlas Plant Trainer Will Make Growing At Home Easy

Rob Smith Atlas Plant Trainer
Rob Smith Atlas Plant Trainer

Rob Smith, founder, and CEO of Atlas Plant Trainer joins us again to talk about his invention, the Atlas Plant Trainer. He was on the show a few months ago and talked about drying and curing your own cannabis.

He talks about the origin of his invention and espouses the benefits of how a home grower can successfully use his product with very little fuss. When Rob and I spoke at NECANN a few months ago I saw a demonstration of there product and I can personally attest to its viability.

This is the first of many podcast episodes with Rob. Please enjoy the show and take the time to signup for my email list.

Ah-Ha Moment!

Was growing a Sour Kush strain and after buying and modifying 30 bamboo sticks and ultimately realizing he won’t be able to reuse the sticks Rob decided to “build his own” customizable training system aka the Atlas Plant Trainer.

How does the Atlas Plant Trainer Work?

– Start off in the soil, usually 4-6 vertical articulating stakes around your plant.
– This allows you to train your plant to grow wide
– As your plant grows you insert the vertical stakes into the existing stakes, they, in turn, lock into place and give you maximum customization in the way your plant is growing.
– As the plant grows and needs support, horizontal connectors connect to the vertical stakes at any angle (270 angles in total with three different pivot points and six different lengths)
– The pieces are completely interchangeable

Can you use for more than one plant?

– Yes

Can you use it more than once?

– Yes

Can you use your product outside?

– Yes

Is your product easy to clean?

– Yes
– Your downtime is one hour between grows.
What are some benefits of using the product outdoors?
– The intense lighting won’t won’t break down the plastic as quickly as an indoor grow due to the lack of intense lighting.
– The product could last up to twenty-five years

What’s your product made of?

– Stainless steel
– ADS plastic
– The parts are designed to last up to five years under intense light indoors
– Easy to clean
– You’ll get 25 harvests indoors before the plastic starts to break down

What does your product cost?

– At the time of this writing $99.00 for the large plant set.
– It’s all about the yield you’ll get from your grow.

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A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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