Beginner Tips and Tricks For Growing Cannabis With Rob Smith

Rob Smith Beginning Grower Basics
Rob Smith Beginning Grower Basics

Rob Smith the founder and CEO joins us again for the third time and offers tips and tricks on how to grow cannabis at home. Every grower goes through “growing pains” with there first initial grow so my aim with this series with Rob is to help the beginner or novice grower get comfortable with growing your own.

Rob offers very helpful insight. He’s been growing his own for a number of years and has talked extensively about drying and curing. With this latest podcast, Rob makes suggestions and offers encouragement for new growers.

At the end of the conversation, he goes in-depth about what not to do while starting to grow your own. That part of the conversation starts around the 17-minute mark in the podcast.

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How Do I Get Started Growing My Own?

– Perfect for a brand-new beginner or novice home grower
– Do not be scared!
– Do not be intimidated!
– Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
– Growing your own was difficult 10 years ago but with the advancement in technology growing your own has become easier.

What Does Every Plant Need To Survive?

– Light
– Water (with nutrients or plain water)
– CO2 (fresh clean air)
– The rest is up to you!

What Nutrients Does Rob Recommend?

– Advanced Nutrients
– Colorado-based Success
– Mills
– SoHum Living Soil (Just add water, no need to PH water, bottom feeding)

The Biggest Hurdle

– Don’t be frustrated with your lack of experience. Build off your grows and use those skills to improve your future grows
– Experiment with your grows

Cannabis Apps That Help You Grow

WeGrow app

Growing and Documentation

– The best method of learning how your plants grow is observing
– Small adjustments can be the most impactful
– Keeping a journal and keeping track of your progress is important

The Basics For A New Grower

– Plant (seeds)
– You want something stable. As a new grower stay away from trendy seeds
– Dynasty Genetics
– Research

What Should I Avoid When I Start To Grow My Own?

– Not being clean
– Don’t spray anything on your plant, especially in flower
– Avoid spraying pesticides
– Avoid spraying insecticides
– Don’t be afraid to ask or look for help somewhere.
– Visit Atlas Plant Trainer, Grow Weed Easy and Cheap Home Grow for help.

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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