Learn About Cannabis Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Economics

I’ll be the first person to admit when it comes to cannabis law my knowledge isn’t deep.

I have a lot of questions surrounding seed banks, plantations, home grow, employment surrounding the use of cannabis and many more questions.

My goal for this section of the website is to interview some of the best legal minds in the cannabis industry. My aim is to ask my interviewees questions that will help you, the consumer or entrepreneur navigate your local state or municipality when it comes to your cannabis rights.


David Mangone: Americans For Safe Access Legal Counsel

David Mangone is the legislative counsel for American for Safe Access. He has an impressive past working as a contract attorney for Lexolution, and he was a Legislative Fellow for the office of Charles B. Rangel in Washington, DC.

David and I talked about the current legal status of marijuana throughout the United States and where he sees legalization moving forward in the years to come.

Douglas A. Berman: The Legality of Cannabis in the United States

It was a pleasure interviewing professor Douglas A. Berman. The professor talked about the legality of cannabis in America and how he sees the industry shaping up in the years to come.

What I found interesting was professor Berman’s answer regarding the legality of seed banks.

I was under the impression selling seeds was perfectly legal in the United States, but according to Professor Berman, it appears to be federally illegal.

State municipalities don’t seem to be enforcing those laws, but this is largely dependent on where in the country you’re located.


Cannabis Economics: Professor Bilodeau Of Indiana University

I had the pleasure of talking to Indiana University economics professor Marc Bilodeau.

Mr. Bilodeau and I discussed the changing economic conditions cannabis will create in years to come when legalization doesn’t become an issue anymore.