Indoor Growing Cannabis Podcast

I’ve been on a lifelong mission to learn more about cannabis. That’s why I decided to start a cannabis podcast attempting to learn everything I can when it came to growing my own. I used to play hockey in the EJHL years ago, and I remember my fellow athletes using cannabis as a way to help them recover from the trauma from various injuries they suffered while playing the sport they loved.

I remember saying to myself, “how the heck can cannabis help an individual recover from injury”? I’ll admit, I was very skeptical at first but over time as my knowledge of the plant grew, I started to see first hand what responsible use of cannabis can help an individual recover from a traumatic event, such as playing a competitive sport.

My goal with these cannabis podcasts is to not only help educate myself but you, the person that’s currently reading this page.

I interview growers, doctors, scientists, lawyers and insiders that are connected to cannabis. I like exploring different topics while interviewing my guests.

A few of the topics I’ve been fortunate to explore have been cannabis cultivation, law, scientific studies surrounding the medicinal benefits of cannabis and how the endocannabinoid system works.

These are just a few topics you’ll learn about while listening to my podcast.

Please understand, I come at this from a perspective of wanting to learn something new, so no marijuana-related topic is off limits. I invite your feedback and please subscribe.

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