Growing at Home: How Green Goddess Supply Intends to Change the Experience

Eric Robichaud Green Goddess Supply
Eric Robichaud of Green Goddess Supply intends to change how cannabis at home is made

Before I get into the details of the show I have to say, Eric and I have played hockey together and against one another over the past few years. Eric and I have become good friends.

With that being said, Eric comes to the show today to talk about the Green Goddess Supply “Armoire” grow box. Eric talks about how much money can save by growing there own and goes into detail and his past business history.

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Vincent Bitetti: The Inventor Of “The Armoire” by Green Goddess Supply

Vincent Bitetti Home Grow Cannabis Box Is Set To Change Growing At Home Forever

It’s my short career as a podcaster I’ve come across many interesting cannabis entrepreneurs.

My interview with Vincent Bitetti of Green Goddess Supply would certainly qualify as interesting.

Vincent is a serial entrepreneur. He’s bootstrapped a Fortune 500 company to now inventing a
home grow box that set to transform the home grower cannabis marketplace.

While Vincent isn’t a doctor or medical researcher, his invention was invented with the idea of helping people that suffer from common ailments.

Vincent is a cannabis optimist. He believes in the power of the plat and its medicinal value. During our conversation, he made a few good points about saving money growing by growing your own but more importantly about what you’re putting into your body. Bigger or corporate growers not always but often use pesticides. While talking to one of his main points about growing your own is knowing exactly what you’re putting into your own cannabis. With an approach like this, how can you not want to grow your own?

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Atlas Plant Trainer: CEO Rob Smith – How To Dry and Cure Cannabis

Rob Smith Founder of Atlas Plant Trainer
Rob Smith Founder of Atlas Plant Trainer

Atlas Plant Founder – Rob Smith – How To Drying and Cure Cannabis

I had the good fortune of talking with Rob Smith, the co-founder, and CEO of Atlas Plant Trainer. Rob and I talked in detail about the drying and curing process of cannabis. Rob offers his tips and tricks and what to do and what not to do. He also offers practical tips on how to boost your yield.

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Pranav Sood: Trellis Founder Changing How Seed To Software Works

Pranav Sood - Trellis Cannabis Seed to Sale Software Software
Pranav Sood – Founder & CEO of Trellis

Pranav Sood is the founder and CEO of Trellis. Trellis is enterprise tracking software for the cannabis industry. The company has origins in Toronto but was recently accepted into and subsequently funded by the Gateway Accelerator program in Oakland, California.

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