Diseases To Watch Out For When Growing At Home

Diseases To Be Concerned About When Growing Your Own
Diseases To Be Concerned About When Growing Your Own

CHG was pleased to bring on the show this week Matthew Gates. Matthew is an IPM specialist. IPM  means an integrated pest management specialist. Matthew is called when large commercial growers having pest problems. They can range from aphids, spider mites to a whole host of problems. He comes on the show today to talk about how a home grower can overcome these common problems that seem to plague even the experienced home growers.

Show Highlights:

Matthew Gates:
– IPM Specialist from California
– Works as an integrated pest manager, managing your system
– Always Practice Growers Hygiene!

Diseases To Be Concerned About:
– Powdery Mildew
– Aphids
– Spider Mites

Pathogens To Be Concerned About:
– Fusarium (Watering too much can cause fusarium)
– Pythium (Water Molds)

Signs and Symptoms of Something Going Wrong:
– White Power is an indication of Powdery Mildew
– Pythium and fusarium they infect in the ground, might see wilting or leaf drop or discoloration

Final Thoughts Crop Scout
– Go to your plants and look at them

You can contact Matthew on his YouTube and Instagram channels.

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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