Learn How To Germinate & Transplant Your Seed When You Start Growing

Learn How To Germinate & Transplant Your Seed When You First Start Growing
Learn How To Germinate & Transplant Your Seed When You Start Growing

It’s my pleasure to bring back Dr. MJ from CocoForCannabis. He’s been on the show multiple times, and today he comes on to talk about the basics of germination and the transplantation process during vegetation.

He talks simple techniques that anyone can employ and offers his trusted insight on what a home grower should and shouldn’t do during this critical process.

Around halfway through the conversation, he brings up a good point about the common misconception that a new home grower thinks it’s easier to germinate in a five-gallon container.

He doesn’t believe this is true because “pot training” is essential when first growing your cannabis. For anyone that doesn’t know, pot training is putting your plant in different containers during the vegetation process. As the plant progresses and gets more substantial in length, it’s essential for a home grower to move the plant to a larger container.

This episode is full of beneficial information. Please sit back, listen and learn.

What is germination?
– Germination is the act of taking a seed out of its a dormant state. As the plant starts to grow, growing in approach sized containers is important when transplanting

How do I successfully germinate my seed?
– It’s important for keeping your seeds in a cold environment. Dr. MJ recommends you store them in the refrigerator
– The first step Dr. MJ recommends is to take the seeds out of the refrigerator and put them in a room at room temperature
– For germination to begin your environment needs to be warm, wet, moist and darkness helps as well. Please understand, your seeds don’t necessarily need darkness, but it does help with the germination process
– RO/Distilled water is ideal for germination
– Once the seed has a tail that’s approx. A centimeter in length Dr. MJ will transport the seed into a jiffy or rapid rotor plug
– Try not to touch the seed and put it under the light
– Keep everything wet during this process!

How do I transplant my germinated seed?
– Once your seed is in your rapid rooter or jiffy plug, you wait for the root to grow out of the bottom of it and pick it up and put it into the next container your going into
– The next container Dr. MJ recommends starting in something that’s a pint. A red solo cup works!
– In this case, fill your red solo cup with your media (coco or soil).
– Expect to grow in your pint-sized container a week too nine days. Soil might take a little longer but less than two weeks in this pint-sized container
– If your growing in soil Dr. Mj recommends going from 1 pint to a two or three-gallon container as an intermediate step before graduating to a seven to a ten-pound container

Why transplant my plants, to begin with?
– Ease of watering
– Watering in a large container can be difficult for any grower to properly fertigate, so he recommends a novice grower to follow a transplant schedule during the early stages of his or her grow
– Putting your plant through various stages of transplantation it helps colonize with roots the full volume of the media
– By keeping your plant in a smaller container, you allow it to balance between root and foliage growth
– Start in a pint for the first step, in soil two or three-gallon container for the second step the end up in seven to ten gallon
– If your growing media is coco, Dr. MJ recommends either a half or one gallon for the second step. In the last step, a five-gallon container is adequate

How does one physically transplant the plant?
– Take your existing container and place it into the next container your going to use, so the transplantation process is easier on you and your plant.
– Take a knife to slide around the container to free up roots A little bit of root damage is okay but try and not to damage too much.
– By now your next container has already been prepared.
– In soil, you can transplant when the soil is dry. One day without watering is ideal.
– In coco, Dr. MJ waters right before transplantation takes place.

Make sure your EC is adequate!
– Run water through the media to measure the EC/PPM is the correct strength.
– A lot of super soil recommend you shouldn’t flush, but if it’s too hot, you should flush the media until you have the correct EC/PPM. The critical point here is not to burn your seed.

The importance of plant training:
– Maximize canopy coverage
– Using our leaves to harvest light energy
– Super cropping and lollipopping for canopy management

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A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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