Growing at Home: How Green Goddess Supply Intends to Change the Experience

Eric Robichaud Green Goddess Supply
Eric Robichaud of Green Goddess Supply intends to change how cannabis at home is made

Before I get into the details of the show I have to say, Eric and I have played hockey together and against one another over the past few years. Eric and I have become good friends.

With that being said, Eric comes to the show today to talk about the Green Goddess Supply “Armoire” grow box. Eric talks about how much money can save by growing there own and goes into detail and his past business history.

Eric Robichaud Life Long Rhode Island Intends On Transforming The Home Grow Market 

– Started with screen savers and owned
– Met current business partner, Vincent Bitetti, in 1993
– Developed about a hundred software titles together over 10 years
– Developed apps with Vincent when the Apple App store went live

Green Goddess Supply

– Launched the company in March 2015
– Over 100 high-quality products
– Raised funds and private equity
– Bought out Vincent Bietti “Grow Box” and renamed it “The Armoire.”
– Have done a few production runs

The Armoire

– The first principle – Have it yield an enormous amount of cannabis
– Second principle – Super easy to use
– Third principle – Stealth/Discreet design/look
– $5-$7 per month for electricity, on average
– Uses Less energy than a tower PC
– Extremely quiet
– 30 different components in the box
– Legal in all 50 states / compliant
– You can grow tomatoes if you want!
– Child safety locks
– No hookups
– Lightweight
– No smell
– 90% Automated
– Grown from organic soil

How Does It Work?

– It’s built for someone that’s never grown cannabis
– Green Goddess Supply has “dumbed down” the process to make it easy
– The box is the “system.” Everything about the “Armoire” is proprietary.
– Unique, proprietary light
– Yielding 4-6x more versus a natural, outdoor grow
– Yields between a quarter and a half pound in 60 days
– Plug and play. Water once a day
Green Goddess Supply Instagram
Green Goddess Supply Home Grow
– “The only thing addictive about cannabis is growing it!”
– Grow your favorite, popular strains
– Indica, Sativa friendly

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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