How Can I Make Cannabis Hash? Breakdown of the Frenchy Cannoli Resin Sheet

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How do I make Cannabis Hash? With “Jack” from JackGreenStalk

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It’s my pleasure again to introduce “Jack” from JackGreenStalk on Instagram. Jack was on the how a few weeks ago and gave us a great breakdown of how to grow cannabis in your coat closet.

I’ve had Jack on the show a few times, and every time we get together and “chew the fat” I always come away learning something new. This episode is no different as Jack talks about cannabis hash. He’ll give you a breakdown of how you can go about making your own. I feel hash is one of the most misunderstood forms of cannabis. There’s a lot of information about hash, some good and other misleading but Jack doesn’t disappoint in this episode as he espouses his deep knowledge of hash and also gives a “Ph.D. breakdown” of the Frenchy Cannoli Resin Quality Scoring Sheet.

With that being said, please enjoy this information-packed episode.

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Highlights From The Show

What is hash?

Hash is an extract made by pulling the resin heads away from the plant matter on the flower.

Solventless Versions

Who’s Frenchy Cannoli?

He’s an old-school hash marker. He’s known for his signature temple ball style of hash. It’s almost ancient aka Moroccan style of hash. He’s able to make this style of the hash without getting all of the sweat, grease and skin cells from your hands into the hash.

A Few Benefits Of Smoking Hashish

  • If made correctly it will keep it’s sphere longer thus allowing for higher potency
  • It will keep you medicated for hours

What is the Frenchy Cannoli Scoring Sheet?

It shows you an idea of the quality of the Hashish.

  • 10 Different Categories
  • 3 Lab Tests
  • Weighted to an ultimate score of 200 points
Frenchy Cannoli Resin Quality Scoring Sheet
Frenchy Cannoli Resin Quality Scoring Sheet Photo Credit

How Can I Break Down Cannabis Hash?

  • Melt is the first and most important part of the scale. It’s weighted a 10.
  • The higher you get up on the scale that’s when you’re getting less and less contaminant in your hash.
  • Zero which means there’s no presence of quality and ten being of the highest quality.
  • After your dab hit, if you look at your nail and it’s clean on the Frenchy Cannoli scale, it means the quality of the hashish was either a four or a five.
  • Stability: Stability would mean how well the hash is holding its shape in high temperature.
  • As it relates to stability hash at room temperature doesn’t need to be stored in a refrigerator because it can maintain it’s structure.
  • As it relates to stability if it holds it’s shape throughout the day, you’ve got quality hash assuming it’s a light tan almost gold like color. If it’s green, then you’ve got hash that’s not quality.
  • Aroma: The aroma should smell like on the most distinct characteristics of the strain.
  • Taste: Taste is personal preference.
  • Appearance: It’s easy to manipulate how the hash looks so don’t be fooled by beautiful looking photos on Instagram.
  • If you see green or deep dark brown or black, it’s more than likely contaminated.
  • Watch Frenchy Cannoli Hash Making
  • Intensity: Duration identifies the intensity of the flavors and how long they linger in the mouth after inhaling the smoke, a guide to the concentration of terpenes and duration of ‘yumminess’ after exhalation.

How The Extraction Methods Take Place:

  • Dry Sifting: Rubbing a leaf and bud across a screen to shake trichomes off for collection.

  • You can take either trim or buds
  • Nug-run which means full buds and trim run which means just the leaf.
  • Cannabis leaf is flower has a lot of trichomes on it, but it’s not as potent as the nugs.
  • When you take a relatively large amount of leaf and can spin it into a bucket of water, the water can pull the resin off of the leaf.
  • The bag or “bubble bag” is used to pull those trichomes out.
  • These bags have different numbers of them. Those numbers called “micron.” This indicates how many lines per inch which will help you in determining how your extraction process is producing.
  • Youtube Ice water extraction for cannabis

Jack Using Frenchy Cannoli Methods

  • Tools Needed and Bucket Set Up

  • Rest of Bucket Set Up With Bags on and Margarita Style Cambro 6 gal To Help Pour and Get Gravity to Help Assist Sieve

  • Dry Sift Gear and Examples of Good Hash

  • Jack’s Own Examples of His Final Product. Jack uses a Cambro Drink Dispenser To Get Gravity To Assist Sieve Process

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.


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