Learn How To Build A Stealth Grow In Your Own Home

Learn How To Build A Stealth Grow In Your Own Home

Cheap Home Grow was lucky to talk to a cannabis grower who decided to grow his own out of necessity. What made this difficult for him is he grows in a country that’s outlawed cannabis illegal. That country is New Zealand. This individual comes on the show today to talk about his “stealth grow” and how it hides it from local authorities. This individual ingenuity and creativeness is second to none. Please sit back and enjoy this information-packed episode.

Show Highlights and Summary:
– Loves smoking and growing but didn’t want to rely on anyone else so be decided to grow his own. In an illegal country like New Zealand, this is difficult so he opted to build his grow space in a hidden and clandestine way, away from police and neighbors.
– Must be discreet
– Don’t bring random people to your house
– Don’t grow strains that don’t overtly smell

Space Needed:
– Pick a space where very little people come and go (very little traffic)
– Own your own property or have a very long-term lease

Growing in Your Attic aka “Stealth Grow”:
– Need a solid floor
– Keep the temperature under control
– Electricity should be above the water

Controlling The Environment:
– Ideally an AC Unit
– If possible, draw air from the coolest part of the house. In this grower’s case it was under his house. He draws air from the ducting into his grow room/attic.

How Much Money Does This Set Up Cost:
– Under $350.00 – $500.00 USD

How Do You Service/Clean Your Indoor Grow:
– Vacuum cleaner
– Use a mop
– Don’t use water to clean your grow area

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.