How To Set Up A Watering System

Learn How To Set Up An Automatic Drip System
Learn How To Set Up An Automatic Drip System

Dr. MJ Coco comes on the show today to talk about how to set up an automatic watering system. He goes into detail as to how to accomplish this task if your growing in coco coir or soil. Dr. MJ goes into detail during this podcast and goes deep into watering distribution systems, self-draining saucers and how to set the timing and adjusting for flow. This is a must listen.

Setting Up an Automatic Watering System

If you are interested in setting up an Automatic Watering system, be sure to see Dr. Coco’s DIY tutorials for the system he describes in this Podcast

Setting Up and Automatic Watering System

  1. What types of grows benefit from Auto-watering?
    1. Can be applied to Coco and Soil
      1. In Coco, it allows growers to practice high-frequency fertigation without being tied to the plants
      2. In Soil, a system like this would allow you always water at the right time of day even if you are not home. You could even go on vacation!
    2. Coco vs Soil
      1. Coco can be watered much more frequently that soil
      2. You can set a timer for multiple daily events in coco and never worry about overwatering
  • In Soil, you need to be more aware of the ideal watering frequency in your particular setup
  1. In both Coco and soil, the best time to water is just before lights on.
  1. What types of auto-water systems work best?
    1. Fertigation and Run-off
      1. Wicking systems are not advised
      2. Need to provide enough water to produce run-off at each event
  • The easiest way to do so is a simple aquarium pump in a reservoir bucket.
  1. The cost can be less than $100 for a fully automated watering system
  1. Overview of The System
    1. Reservoir with pump
    2. Waterline into the tent
    3. Water distribution system
      1. Feeder lines and drippers
      2. Hydro-Halos
    4. Self-draining Saucers
    5. Catchment:
      1. Gravity: Elevate the tent
      2. Auto-pumping Drain bucket
    6. How do you set Timing and Adjust Flow?
      1. Soil: a lot infrequently
      2. Coco: a little frequently
      3. Timer:
        1. Digital
        2. Programmable in minutes
  • Coco: Multiple daily cycles
    1. The timing chart in “How to Water Coco” article
  1. Soil: Programmable by day of the week
  1. Flow: depends on the water distribution system
    1. With drippers, they are adjustable by twisting the individual heads
    2. With hydro halos, you need to install ball valves
  • Start with very low flow and adjust up until you achieve run-off in the desired time.
  1. Adjust either the flow rate or the event duration
  1. What you need to know about Managing a Reservoir
    1. Oxygenation
    2. Antibacterial
    3. Mixing nutes
    4. Cleaning-out
  2. Common Problems with auto drip
    1. Bacteria in the res
      1. pH goes Up and EC goes down
      2. Clean out with H2O2
  • Add H2O2 to the nutrient solution
  1. Chill tank
  2. Increase oxygenation
  1. Water distribution issues
    1. Plants may get tip burn despite the EC remaining low
    2. This is a result of dry pockets forming in the media
  • Periodic hand watering – once per week – resolves
  1. Don’t let the drain bucket over-flow!

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