Learn How To Grow Autoflowers

Learn How To Grow Autoflowers
Learn How To Grow Autoflowers

I invited Dr. Mj Coco from CocoForCannabis back on the Cheap Home Grow podcast recently to talk about his Spring Auto Flower Challenge. As a grower that’s currently growing an autoflower, I feel this challenge is going to benefit anyone that’s thinking about growing autos. To this day, autoflowers have a bad reputation because of there low THC count, your inability to clone and they’re flower on their schedule, not yours. However, in the past few years, genetics has become a lot more stable. As the cannabis growing community expands I feel autoflowers are getting adopted by newer growers like myself. I feel their a great “starter” for anyone that hasn’t grown before or is looking for a challenge. During this podcast episode, I’ll introduce you to three different growers that have different growing styles but all are looking forward to the challenge. I look forward to seeing you there. Please visit CocoForCannabis to signup for the challenge.

Dr. MJ Coco from CocoforCannabis.com invites us all to grow together in the Spring Auto Flower Challenge!

What is the Spring Auto Flower Challenge

The SAFC is not a competition, it is a collaboration! The SAFC is all about seeing and sharing different methods and techniques, comparing different lights and media, asking questions and learning from each other! Growers will be invited to keep a journal of their grow and participate in group discussions on the CocoforCannabis.com forum.

For new growers, there will be many opportunities to get advice and follow the lead of proven growers. For experienced growers, it is a wonderful opportunity to pass along what you have learned and to show off your skills. For all growers, the community is here to support your success.

The Same Strains at the Same Time!

Germination Date: April 20, 2019
Discounts available on the “Official SAFC Strains”

We are going to try and match strains and grow the same auto flowers at the same time! We chose four amazing auto flowering strains from the renowned breeder Dutch Passion and have declared them to be the official strains of the 2019 SAFC! It is not mandatory, but we encourage all participants to include 2, 3, or all 4 of these strains in your SAFC grow! To encourage everyone to grow the same strains, we have arranged an awesome deal with the London Seed Centre just for the SAFC!

All Growers Welcome!

We welcome growers of all skill levels! It is free to join and there are no requirements to participate.

Whether you are a new grower looking for guidance or an experienced grower looking to share knowledge, we would love for you to grow with us in the SAFC!

Sign-up for the SAFC today!

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