Learn How To Grow Cannabis Using Coco Coir With Dr. MJ Coco

Learn How To Grow Cannabis Coco Coir
Learn How To Grow Cannabis Using Coco Coir

On today’s show, we have Dr. MJ Coco. He’s been growing his own for a number of years and got into growing his own after seeing his rheumatologist. After being frustrated with a lack of quality coco growing information he opted to create his own website and publish a book about growing in coco. He’s well versed in all coco coir growing subjects. We spoke for approximately 40 minutes and this show is full of useful tips and tricks when it comes to growing. Please sit back and enjoy Dr. MJ talk his magic.

Show Highlights:
– He works with farmers and understands the science behind growing your own
– Starting using cannabis after seeing a rheumatologist
Published book
Started website
Dr. MJ Coco can be found on Twitter
– With coco, you can adjust and change you’re grow immediately (precise control)
– You have to be on top of things in order to effectively grow using coco

Differences in growing mediums Organic versus Coco Coir:
– Grower control
– For the plants, Coco offers the best air to water ratio
– Coco is pest resistance

– You have to water on a daily basis. Keep the coco saturated (small quantities – high frequency)
– Calcium becomes insoluble at lower pHs

PH in Coco Coir:
– Lower range
– Work from 5.5 – 6.5 (isolate around 5.86)
– Buffer your coco (soak in calmag)

EC and PPM with Coco:
– Important when you add nutrients to the water
– Water often
– Provide nutrients
– Water to 20% runoff
– Monitor EC

What type of Nutrients should you give your grow?
– Must Fertigate (adding nutrients to water)
– Hydro Nutrients (General Hydro Flora Series)
– Look for nutrient lines with low EC and PPM
– Avoid Nutrient Companies That Frequent Flushing
– When mixing Nutrients you have to think about ET, Order, PH, Nutrient Element Ratio
– How to make nutrients for cannabis?

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

Summary and Show Notes were written by Rasta.Far.I of Cannabis Connoisseur Cafe

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