Learn How To Grow Cannabis In Small Spaces

Tyler Weekley - How To Grow Your Own For Less Than $200.00
Tyler Weekley – How To Grow Your Own For Less Than $200.00

This week Cheap Home Grow is pleased to have on the show a Massachusetts home grower, Tyler Weekley. Tyler was kind enough to share his in-depth knowledge of micro grows with us this week. He talks extensively about the importance of nutrients and water during the first 13-15 minutes of the conversation and then goes into detail about how to grow your own using basic and inexpensive materials around the house.

I was surprised as to how inexpensive and easy a setup can be in your home or a corner of your bedroom in this case. The images below depict his indoor operation setup and offer a glimpse as to how simple but effective a setup like this can yield.

Growing Indoors In Small Confined Spaces

– It’s all about the temperature
– In many respects, you don’t have to feed the plant any nutrients
– Hone techniques
No Nutrients?
– Something with nutrients already in it
– As long as you get a pre-made soil (Fox Farms)

Watering Is Important

– Leaning how the plant takes in water at different stages during it’s grow is important.
– Adding a little bit more water to your grow allows for good drainage and excess buildup out
– Get 20% – 30% of the water you put into the plant – out
– When fan leaves start to “creep up” that’s a perfect time to start watering your plant
– Getting your plant on a feeding schedule/training requirement is important.


– Start low and work your way into it.
– Check water runoff to decipher how much nutrient intake the plant is taking. If 20% – 30% come out, that’s fine.

Set A Grow Room In There Bedroom (The Cardboard box Method)

– Get yourself a tent
– Process of elimination
– Tyler started with a box, rough dimensions 2 feet by a foot and 3 quarters by 2 feet
– To fully utilize the grow space, control the plant
– Cut a hole on your cardboard box and put your light on top (this saves so much space and temperature)
– You need computer fans to get the box temperature to around 65% degrees
– Any pot at this stage will do. A one-gallon pot will be fine.
– An oscillating fan inside the box to get the fan leaves cool (below 80%). Don’t get a conventional fan. You’ll do damage to your plant (wind burn)

In Terms Of Quality. What Can You Expect?

– In your crafty, you can get a 1 gallon pot to produce 2-3 ounces

How Much Does All This Cost?

– Light $60.00 300 Watt Light
– Box $5.00 (2 boxes)
– Emergency blankets (set of 10, made out of mylar) $9.00
– 1 Gallon Pot $5.00
– One fan (AC Infinity) $18.00
– Timer $10.00
– Soil
– Seed

Photos of Tyler’s Indoor Grow Operation:

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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