Learn How To Grow Sativas and Setup A Grow Tent

Learn How To Grow Sativas And Setup a Grow Tent Indoors
Learn How To Grow Sativas And Setup a Grow Tent Indoors

Learn how to grow sativas indoors and set up a grow tent with Bob aka JohnSmith710420 on Instagram joins the CHG podcast this week and talks about why growing Sativas indoors is his preferred cannabis strain. Bob talks about why he thinks Sativas are best suited for growing cannabis indoors. He also talks about how to set up a grow room inside of your home. He stresses not going out and buying the “latest and greatest” but to ease into growing slowly. Please enjoy this episode.

Show Highlights:

– Bob learned to grow outdoors but prefers indoors because of the environment.
– Prefers Sativas because them indoors is manageable versus other strains.
– Prefers Sativas because they keep him active and adventurous.
– Prefers Sativas because of medicinal reasons.
– Sativas require more finesse when growing
– Sativas flower time can go longer

Growing Sativas Indoors Tips
– Go online and do research
– Look at the outdoor climate
– Try and replicate nature in your indoor grow
– Who bred the seed?

What are some things a home grower shouldn’t do?
– Less is always more when it comes to Sativas (nutrients)
– 3-4 days to see what you just did
– Don’t overfeed or pamper the plant
– Don’t change or add more than one thing at a time (monitor your change via a grow diary)

What mistakes have you made with your grows?
– Start off slow (250 maybe 400 watt light)
– Don’t buy the newest or hottest system
– Use a soil mix

Organics and Growing Sativas. How does that work?
– Top dressing techniques
– Different mindset when growing organically
– Feeding plant and soil separately when growing organically

Instagram Indoor Growing Setup
– Started with a power box outdoors
– Independent dedicated circuits
– Mini split AC unit
– 4-inch intake fan (brings in fresh air)
– 6-inch extraction fan (sucks the stale air out of the room)
– Runs a 3 Light system (two 400 watts medium hi-light) and 315 ceramic metal hi-lite during veg during Veg.
– Runs two 1000 HPS lights during flower along with the 315 metal hi-lite.
– Everything is controlled by a brain, supplemented with CO2
– 1000ft Cubic feet grow room
– 5-6ft Plant Growth
– “Observation grower”. Doesn’t entirely rely on electronics.

You Can Find Bob’s Instagram Account Here.

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

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