Mistress Matisse: Dominatrix Turned Entrepreneur Changes Industry


Mistress Matisse of VELVET SWING™
Mistress Matisse of VELVET SWING™

This interview was conducted with Mistress Matisse of VELVET SWING™. Matisse is a dominatrix turned cannabis entrepreneur. Matisse has an interesting background from sex worker – dominatrix to an entrepreneur that’s aiming to shake up the adult toy industry with her new revolutionary product.  Do you think she’ll succeed? Tell me what you think in your comments below.

I’m curious, why the name VELVET SWING™? Does it have any significance? 

Mistress Matisse: The term to “do the Velvet Swing™” is an obscure slang phrase from the early 1900’s that means “to have sex”.

VS is a cannabis sensual lubricant designed to help women have more and stronger orgasms.

How did you come to invent this product? 

Mistress Matisse: I had tried homemade cannabis lubricants before pot was legalized, and after Washington got legal recreational pot, I tried the products that were available on the market, and I was very unsatisfied with them. They were oily, smelled like bong water, and stained my sheets and my lingerie. And mostly, they had very little actual effect.

So I went my friend Chelsea Cebara, who is a pot scientist, and said, “let’s do this!” And together with Emily Eastridge, we developed the product. It was a crazy ride but very exciting!

How does VELVET SWING™ differentiate itself from other sexual lubricants that are currently on the market? 

Mistress Matisse: VS is totally unique because it is water soluble, latex compatible, and doesn’t taste or smell like weed. It also has a high proportion of CBD and a unique blend terpene blend designed for sexuality.

VS claims it gives women longer, stronger and multiple orgasms but my question is (without revealing too much of the secret sauce) how exactly does it do this? 

Mistress Matisse: VS isn’t making a medical claim of longer, stronger orgasms. That’s just the experience that most women report. While there is currently no research on “how” this happens, I believe it is due to the cannabinoids vasodilating properties. VS increases blood flow to both the clitoris and the vagina.

If I apply more of the lubricant will the physical effects be that much more pronounced?

Mistress Matisse: This is one area where more is definitely not always better. Applying too much cannalube can actually result in numbness and a *loss* of sensation. If this happens, though, it’s nothing to worry about: just add some water or other water-based lube. It takes a few tries to find your perfect dose.

This product talks about how it can physically satisfy women but can it produce mental stimulation as well? 

Mistress Matisse: While VS does not give a mental high, it does increase your awareness of and attention to your body, which can put you in a much sexier frame of mind.

What’s the male physical reaction to VS? 

Mistress Matisse: People with what is traditionally called male anatomy do get similar benefits from using VS, however, they tend to be less pronounced. Also, men’s sensitively tends to be high, so I recommend starting with a little bit less. Have Fun!

I came in contact with you via Stacey Swimme. What’s your relationship with Stacey?

Mistress Matisse: Yes, Stacey Swimme and I are good friends as well as business partners, and she is the lead California rep for Velvet Swing™.

Most investors try products before they give fund entrepreneurs. Do you know if your investors tested this product with their loved ones prior to funding or did they take your word for it? 

Mistress Matisse: I find your questions about investors testing Velvet Swing™ highly amusing, but I am not able to comment on that, sorry!

Can you use this product by yourself? 

Mistress Matisse: You can very definitely use Velvet Swing™ by yourself! In fact, I often suggest that to new users, so they get a sense of what the precise right dosage is for them.

Are you still a practicing dominatrix? 

Mistress Matisse:  Yes, I am still a dominatrix. Let me clarify for you a little bit about what a dominatrix does. I create exciting and fulfilling experiences for my clients. It’s a fantasy world that we both enjoy visiting. Some of the scenes I do – most of them, in fact – would not be right for everyone. But it’s an intimate experience with a lot of emotional connection. So I would not describe myself as wanting to “strike fear” into the hearts of my play partners. Other people might give you a different answer, but that’s just not how I would describe that at all.

Has been a dominatrix help you become a better businesswoman? If so, how? 

Mistress Matisse: I do think that running my own business for many years – being a dominatrix and a sex worker generally – has indeed made me a good business person. I understand the value of ongoing customer relationships, and I know a lot about advertising and promotion.

Whats’ your relationship with Tarukino™?

Mistress Matisse: Tarukino™ has a pot-processing license in Washington and so we are partnering with them to manufacture and distribute Velvet Swing™.

After I apply the lubricant how long will it take to work? 

Mistress Matisse: Velvet Swing™ takes twenty minutes to come up, so to speak. It is at its peak efficacy at 40 minutes in, and its effects last for two hours. You can reapply, and that will prolong the experience, though it does not *necessarily* increase the potency – although everyone’s body is a little bit different.

This product talks about how it can physically satisfy women but can it produce mental stimulation as well? 

Mistress Matisse: Topical pot products do not have much of a psychoactive effect. Maybe slightly, in some people. But what we say about Velvet Swing™ is: it will make your pussy high, but it won’t make your head high.

Do you plan on bringing male products to market in the coming months and or years?

Mistress Matisse: We have more products for the Velvet Swing™ line in the works. We’d love to make a product that was really sexy for men, so we’re doing a lot of research on that!

What has been the most difficult aspect of launching?

Mistress Matisse: The most difficult aspect of launching Velvet Swing™ is understanding all the regulations that the recreational cannabis market has! I’m lucky enough to have access to a full-time compliance officer to keep Velvet Swing™ operating strictly within the law.

How have you leveraged your social media followers to promote VELVET SWING™? 

Mistress Matisse: I came into Velvet Swing™ with a good position to market it, since I have an existing social media following from my writing and educating people about sex for over 20 years. What matters is that you have a product that you know is good and that you care about passionately. I believe that if you have passion and dedication, you’ve got a good chance in the marketplace.

What’s the future for your company? 

Mistress Matisse: The future for Velvet Swing™ at the moment is in California. I’m really excited to bring it to that market, we have gotten so many awesome messages from people who really want it! And hopefully, we will be able to get into other states with legal recreational pot as well.


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