Keith Stroup: NORML Founder | Talks About Home Grow and His History

Keith Stroup NORML
Keith Stroup founder of NORML talks about home cultivation and the history of NORML

I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Stroup, the founder of NORML. Keith and I talked about various subjects pertaining to the current state of affairs in the marijuana industry.

I asked him if he was a supporter of growing your own and to no surprise, he is and also is NORML.

This is a must read/listen, in-depth interview with one of the most influential men in the cannabis industry.

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David Mangone: Americans For Safe Access Legal Counsel

David Mangone Americans for Safe Access
David Mangone Americans for Safe Access

Shane McCormick: Hello everybody, this is Shane McCormick from interviewing David Mangone. He works for Americans for Safe Access. David, could you please tell me about yourself?

Dave Mangone: Sure. I’m the legislative counsel for American Americans for Safe Access, as you said. Americans for Safe Access is the nation’s largest non-profit dedicated to medical cannabis patients and advancing medical cannabis therapeutics and research. We have members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, DC, Guam, as well as internationally, and what we really focus on doing is making sure that when states are passing laws, that they’re really patient-focused and when regulations are adopted, they’re really serving the interests of patients and not necessarily the interest of the industry. We’re very grass roots. We do a lot of lobbying, efforts both on the state level and the federal level, do a lot of research, making sure that dispensary and other facilities are as compliant as they can be when they’re state laws.

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Success Story: How One Man Saved His Life And Now Helps Others

Cannabis Success Story: Caleb
Success Story: Caleb Beats Addiction To Narcotics

This is a cannabis success story. It’s a story of how one man overcame his dependency on heroin and helps individuals and families that are struggling with addiction.

His solution is cannabis.

His name is Caleb and this is his inspirational story…

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Bess Byers: Cannabess | Cannabis Photographer | Social Media Influencer

Bess Byers Aka Cannabess Seattle Based Cannabis Photographer
Bess Byers Aka Cannabess Seattle Based Cannabis Photographer

Bess Byers: Weed Photographer, Entrepreneur, Digital Journalist, and Small Government Advocate

I had the pleasure of talking to Bess Byers aka Cannabess a few days ago. Bess is a Seattle based photographer and Instagram sensation with over 80,000+ followers. Bess recently launched her own photography business at the beginning of 2018. Bess and I talked about everything from getting a job in the cannabis industry, photography to government regulation in the business.

Bess is a proponent of personal freedom and small government with an Ayn Rand/laissez-faire approach to the cannabis industry. Which is something I can personally support. Bess talks about her beliefs and what type of future she sees for the industry. She gave important tips on how to get a job. She suggested moving to a state where cannabis is legal and she stressed ‘hustling’ when first getting into the business. This is a must listen to anyone thinking about getting into the industry or already is.

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Cannabis Activist: Mike Robinson On California Taxes & Legalization

Mike Robinson Cannabis Activist
Mike Robinson Cannabis Activist

This is a Cannabis Success Story. It’s a story of how one man used Cannabis to change his life for the better.

Mike also touches on how new rules and regulation are reshaping the cannabis marketplace in mostly a negative way. This is a must-listen!

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