Keith Stroup: NORML Founder | Talks About Home Grow and His History

Keith Stroup NORML
Keith Stroup founder of NORML talks about home cultivation and the history of NORML

I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Stroup, the founder of NORML. Keith and I talked about various subjects pertaining to the current state of affairs in the marijuana industry.

I asked him if he was a supporter of growing your own and to no surprise, he is and also is NORML.

This is a must read/listen, in-depth interview with one of the most influential men in the cannabis industry.

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Douglas A. Berman: The Legality of Cannabis in the United States

Professor Douglas A. Berman on the Legality of Cannabis In America
Professor Douglas A. Berman on the Legality of Cannabis In America

It was a pleasure interviewing professor Douglas A. Berman. The professor talked about the legality of cannabis in America and how he sees the industry shaping up in the years to come.

What I found interesting was professor Berman’s answer regarding the legality of seed banks.

I was under the impression selling seeds was perfectly legal in the United States, but according to Professor Berman, it appears to be federally illegal.

State municipalities┬ádon’t seem to be enforcing those laws, but this is largely dependent on where in the country you’re located.

I’ve provided both YouTube and Soundcloud video/audio files.

Underneath those is a transcription of our conversation.

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