Dr. Sunil Aggarwal: How Cannabis Is Going To Change Palliative Care

World Renowned Dr Sunil Aggarwal on Cannabis and Palliative Care
World Renowned Dr. Sunil Aggarwal on Cannabis and Palliative Care

I was fortunate to interview Dr. Sunil Aggarwal from SageMed, located in Bellevue, Washington. Visit Dr. Aggarwal personal website @ www.cannabinologist.org

During this is the interview, Dr. Aggarwal talked at length about how he feels Cannabis is not only going to change how palliative care is administered, but how the healthcare industry is going to be turned upside down when the medicinal benefits of marijuana will be discovered by scientists and researchers alike.

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal thinks cannabis legalization will help lower healthcare costs and could change the way people are treated for certain diseases and ailments.

As a home grow blogger, I ask Dr. Aggarwal if he supported people growing their own, and fortunately, he does.  He believes there should be public libraries dedicated to people learning how to grow their own cannabis. We at Cheap Home Grow were happy to hear that.

Below the YouTube and SoundCloud Video/Audio files is a transcription of the interview.

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Johnny J: Guide On How To Grow Cannabis Indoors

Johnny J. His Take On How To Grow Cannabis Indoors
Johnny J. His Take On How To Grow Cannabis Indoors

I had the pleasure of interviewing with “Johnny J.”.

We asked Johnny how he grows his own in his home state of Massachusetts. I’m sure this information is applicable to many states throughout the United States.

Johnny has provided visitors with his own unique grow guide. He’s kind enough to offer his insight and he goes into detail about his different and unique methods of growing.

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Jacob Miguel Vigil: Cannabis Scientific Studies | The Future Of Research

Jacob Miguel Vigil: University of New Mexico - On Scientific Cannabis Studies - The Future Of Cannabis
Jacob Miguel Vigil: University of New Mexico – On Scientific Cannabis Studies – The Future Of Cannabis

I had the honor of talking to Professor Jacob Miguel Vigil. The professor and I talked about the future of cannabis and how everyday people can benefit from such a simple plant.

The professor informed me of all the exciting scientific studies and research the MCRF is conducting.

I don’t speak for professor Vigil, but I think it’s fair to say his stance is one of optimism, he believes cannabis can change the world, which is a belief we at CheapHomeGrow can agree on.

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Douglas A. Berman: The Legality of Cannabis in the United States

Professor Douglas A. Berman on the Legality of Cannabis In America
Professor Douglas A. Berman on the Legality of Cannabis In America

It was a pleasure interviewing professor Douglas A. Berman. The professor talked about the legality of cannabis in America and how he sees the industry shaping up in the years to come.

What I found interesting was professor Berman’s answer regarding the legality of seed banks.

I was under the impression selling seeds was perfectly legal in the United States, but according to Professor Berman, it appears to be federally illegal.

State municipalities don’t seem to be enforcing those laws, but this is largely dependent on where in the country you’re located.

I’ve provided both YouTube and Soundcloud video/audio files.

Underneath those is a transcription of our conversation.

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Joker Genetics Cannabis Seed Beginners Guide

Mike Haagen Owner of Joker Genetics is Interviewed about Cannabis Seed Genetics
Mike Haagen Owner of Joker Genetics Interviewed about Cannabis Seed Genetics

I had the pleasure of talking to Mike Haagen of Joker Genetics. Mike and I spoke for nearly one hour discussing cannabis seed genetics, strains, splicing, fennel hunting, genotypes, phenotypes and much more during our fireside chat. Mike is an expert in all things genetics related.

Joker Genetics: Cannabis Seed Genetics

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Vincent Bitetti: History Of Cannabis

Vincent Bitetti Green of Goddess Supply. Legendary cannabis consultant and cannabis sage
Vincent Bitetti Green of Goddess Supply. Legendary cannabis consultant and cannabis sage

This is a fireside chat between Vincent Bitetti and Shane from CheapHomeGrow.com. Vincent was kind enough to espouse his immense knowledge about the history of cannabis and outline how he sees cannabis in the past, present, and future. He talked in detail about Chinese Emperor Shen Nung to how long the plant has been used by man.

Vincent talks about the cultivation history and how cultures from centuries ago benefited from using the plant. It was used as a herbal remedy in ancient China and the Japanese used to store cannabis in clay jars centuries ago.

He seemed optimistic about the medicinal benefits and how much man has to gain from a simple plant.

Vincent didn’t solely focus on the history of cannabis. In CheapHomeGrow’s short history he’s not the only interviewee that’s optimistic about the health benefits the plant has.

Vincent has been a consultant to some of the largest and most influential marijuana growers in California. He’s the President of Green Goddess Supply. A Massachusetts based startup specializing in marijuana products such as sifter boxes, dugouts, minivapes and many more products.

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White Sox Team Physician: Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph Cannabis Supporter

Charles Bush-Joseph
Dr. Charles A. Bush-Joseph Team Physician for the Chicago White Sox On Cannabis Legalization and the Benefits of Using Cannabis for athletes.

I had the good fortune of interviewing Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph. The Dr. is the team physician for the Chicago White Sox and graduated from University of Michigan Medical School in 1983. He’s currently a Professor at Rush University Medical Center and the Associate Director of the Rush Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.

We discussed how athletes could benefit from using cannabis and it’s recovery capabilities thus allowing players to avoid other treatments. We touched on how marijuana can affect an athlete’s performance while working out and some of the adverse effects while using.

I reached out to Dr. Bush-Joseph after reading an article in the Chicago Tribune where he was quoted supporting the health benefits of medical cannabis. After reading this article, I had to get the Dr’s. opinion on how athletes can benefit from using cannabis. So I tracked Dr. Bush-Joseph down, and he was kind enough to give me approx. 15 minutes on the phone.

I would also like to say Dr. Bush-Joseph thoughts and opinions are his own. He speaks for himself. Not for Rush Medical Center or the Chicago White Sox or Bulls.

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Success Story: How One Man Saved His Life And Now Helps Others

Cannabis Success Story: Caleb
Success Story: Caleb Beats Addiction To Narcotics

This is a cannabis success story. It’s a story of how one man overcame his dependency on heroin and helps individuals and families that are struggling with addiction.

His solution is cannabis.

His name is Caleb and this is his inspirational story…

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Husky Gardens Guide: How To Grow Cannabis Indoors

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Husky Gardens Guide On How To Grow Cannabis In Massachusetts
Husky from Husky Gardens

This below question and answer were taken place between CheapHomeGrow and Husky from Husky Gardens.

Husky is a perpetual home cultivator. He has a 4x6x10 veg room and a 4x8x7 bloom tent. He started growing marijuana in Massachusetts when it became recreationally legal to grow your own. He offers practical advice to a first time home grower but an amateur can implement his helpful tips and tricks.

This is the result of studying for many hours a night, watching countless YouTube videos, while communicating with several well-experienced growers on other social networks such as Instagram.  This is Husky’s simple ‘how to grow guide’ and his message to new growers, keep it simple stupid, no roots, no fruits.

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Cannabis Activist: Mike Robinson On California Taxes & Legalization

Mike Robinson Cannabis Activist
Mike Robinson Cannabis Activist

This is a Cannabis Success Story. It’s a story of how one man used Cannabis to change his life for the better.

Mike also touches on how new rules and regulation are reshaping the cannabis marketplace in mostly a negative way. This is a must-listen!

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