How Can I Make Cannabis Hash? Breakdown of the Frenchy Cannoli Resin Sheet

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How do I make Cannabis Hash? With “Jack” from JackGreenStalk

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It’s my pleasure again to introduce “Jack” from JackGreenStalk on Instagram. Jack was on the how a few weeks ago and gave us a great breakdown of how to grow cannabis in your coat closet.

I’ve had Jack on the show a few times, and every time we get together and “chew the fat” I always come away learning something new. This episode is no different as Jack talks about cannabis hash. He’ll give you a breakdown of how you can go about making your own. I feel hash is one of the most misunderstood forms of cannabis. There’s a lot of information about hash, some good and other misleading but Jack doesn’t disappoint in this episode as he espouses his deep knowledge of hash and also gives a “Ph.D. breakdown” of the Frenchy Cannoli Resin Quality Scoring Sheet.

With that being said, please enjoy this information-packed episode.

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Learn How To Grow Cannabis In Your Coat Closet

Learn How To Setup and Grow Cannabis In Your Coat Closet 

JackGreenStalk - How To Grow Cannabis In Your Closet
JackGreenStalk – How To Grow Cannabis In Your Closet

The cannabis industry is filled with individuals who claim their growing technique’s/methods are the best. In my opinion, a lot of these growers aren’t humble, so it’s nice to meet an individual that is humble and is open to learning new things.

I was fortunate to talk to “Jack” from “JackGreenStalk.” He was humble and honest with his first micro grow. He spoke openly about his growing mistakes, what he needs to improve as he continues to grow and surprised him about growing indoors.

Jack and I talked about the upfront costs associated with growing. He indicated he isn’t a doctor but he made it a point to say growing your own in the long run is not only healthier for you but the amount of money you’ll be saving on your first, second, third run is going to yield you significant savings. He made this point around the 30-minute mark in the conversation.

Overall, I believe this was Jack’s point about growing. Why rely on a third-party a pharmacy or local cannabis retailer when you have the resources to educate yourself and produce medicine that will make you feel better and save you money in the long run.

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