How Can I Make Cannabis Hash? Breakdown of the Frenchy Cannoli Resin Sheet

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How do I make Cannabis Hash? With “Jack” from JackGreenStalk

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It’s my pleasure again to introduce “Jack” from JackGreenStalk on Instagram. Jack was on the how a few weeks ago and gave us a great breakdown of how to grow cannabis in your coat closet.

I’ve had Jack on the show a few times, and every time we get together and “chew the fat” I always come away learning something new. This episode is no different as Jack talks about cannabis hash. He’ll give you a breakdown of how you can go about making your own. I feel hash is one of the most misunderstood forms of cannabis. There’s a lot of information about hash, some good and other misleading but Jack doesn’t disappoint in this episode as he espouses his deep knowledge of hash and also gives a “Ph.D. breakdown” of the Frenchy Cannoli Resin Quality Scoring Sheet.

With that being said, please enjoy this information-packed episode.

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