Learn About Tony Sarah and His Revolutionary Product Spiked Soil

Tony Sarah Founder and CEO of Spiked Soil
Tony Sarah Founder and CEO of Spiked Soil

Cheap Home Grow had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Sarah from Spiked Soil. Tony is the founder and CEO of the company. He came about his product because he was frustrated with current soils and nutrients lines on the marketplace and figured he would build something better. Tony’s soil has been used by many new home growers and commercial cannabis cultivators. He’s nutrient line has a promising head start, and market acceptance so far is extremely strong. We invite everyone to enjoy this information-packed episode.

Summary and Show Highlights:

Tony Sarah of Spiked Soil comes to the show to share with us his vast knowledge on not only soil but everything that goes into making sure your grow is healthy. Tony has been featured in High Times Magazine among other publications. He started in landscaping and has been in the soil business for over 37 years. Motivated by his passion for helping people grow, and trying new things he decided to fill a void in Arizona’s soil options available.

What is Spiked Soil? How did you go into building the soil?

Spiked Soil is organic living potting soil, allowing the plant to get all of the vital nutrients. Up until ten years ago a lot of gardening products weren’t patented in Arizona. Wanting to fill in that void that allowed Tony to create his product. He experimented with prior products that worked for him and blended them to see what worked best for what. A customer took 2-3-year-old soil and mixed it in with the nutrients from Spiked Soil and produced a more significant yield than before. The active ingredient in the soil helps the plant get the nutrients they need.

What works better with plants?

A formula that holds the nutrients that the plants’ needs are essential. Tony gives an example of how an Afghan Skunk mother produced a large yield, 168 grams a plant with strong THC and CBD content. With the extended period of trial that Tony has researched for the perfect fertilizer, he gives a rundown of all ingredients in his Spiked Soil. Having so many ingredients is the purpose of being an all in one product lowering cost for customers.

How is Spiked Soil compared to what else is out on the market?

Other companies on the market are selling 5 to possibly eight different products. Spiked soil has everything you need in one product. People use the Spiked Soil product for many various aspects of gardening, serving different purposes. Tony wanted to keep it simple when creating his soil which meant the entire gardening experience was going to be more straightforward. Other products lack a valuable amount of nutrients, affecting different variables in the plant.

Can a grower get more yields using Spiked Soil?

Using 2-year-old soil, one of Tony’s customers, used Spiked Soil to bring his soil back to life but also with a combination of nutrients increased his yield. Using Spiked Soil and nutrients is what is believed to get more yields. Correctly using the soil in correlation to the nutrients is what plays another role in the yield amount.

Is this a product for home growers?

Yes! This product concept was conceived with home growers in mind. Tony’s target audience was people growing simple everyday vegetables and plants in their gardens. This keeps it simple, becoming easy to use, and taking out the need for products that need more products to be effective.

In what ways does the soil help produce better terpene profile?

Soil together with Nutrients is what helps the plant in every aspect. Spiked soil is based around fertilizer which is what Tony first used when developing his soil. Tony began selling his own soil at double the market price for the simple fact that not only did it work, it provided high yields as well as better terpene profile. Even though different customers bought for different purposes the satisfaction was all the same. Giving an example of his soil compared to others on the product Tony tells Shane how a plant with another soil needed more additives in order to achieve what Spiked Soil did.

Where can products be found at?

Spiked Soil is sold across 48 states as Pennsylvania and Delaware were two states still pending to give Tony permission to sell his product in these states. His product can be found online at arbico-organics among a few other sources.

Is it a simple process?

Tony breaks down in perfect detail how quick and easy it is to use Spiked Soil but he also tells listeners how much of every soil and nutrient will be needed to grow a large yield.

Final statements. Is there anything we should be asking you?

Insightful information on how Spiked Soil came to be as well as Tony going into depth of how whiteflies would not destroy a plant that was using his soil. Louisiana State University is trying to recreate the same variables as before. After much struggles with trying to find what best would work Tony details his obstacles when he first ventured into creating his own soil but through trial and error made a product that is not only organic but seems like not manmade nutrient cannot replicate its effects.

Please take the time to visit Tony on Instagram and Spiked Soil

A big thanks to Jay Fratt from The Conservative Hippie and Smoking Js for the intro and outro for my podcast.

Summary and Show Notes were written by Rasta.Far.I of Cannabis Connoisseur Cafe

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