Why You Should Grow In Coco Coir

Why You Should Grow In Coco Coir
Why You Should Grow In Coco Coir

Dr. MJ Coco comes on the show today to talk about why he thinks you should grow in coco coir. He lists all the reasons why he believes you should grow in coco coir — a few of the reasons being speed, manageability, ease, and familiarity. Dr. MJ goes into detail during this podcast and stats his case. This is a must listen.

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Why grow in coco

  • Speed, manageability, ease, and familiarity (easier than DWC)

Why is Coco Fast

    • Air-water ratio
    • Ability to fertigate frequently
  • Maintains proper moisture
  • Maintains proper air
  • Maintains proper NER
  • Maintains proper EC
  • Ability to keep conditions perfect all of the time leads to explosive growth

How is Coco Manageable

  • Direct fertilization
  • Soil has a much more complex CEC
  • Coco can be buffered and the CEC does not interfere with nutrition
  • See: how to prepare and buffer coco coir
  • Plant gets what you give it now – easy to reset from mistakes!
  • Will not drown roots
  • Can always flush or rinse the plants to control EC or other issues
  • Ability to set-up automatic watering
  • Coco can be watered on a schedule
  • It actually should be fertigated several times per day
  • In soil, the timing of the water must respond to the conditions of the soil

How is Coco Easier than DWC

  • DWC also offers the benefit of being able to provide the plant with the perfect conditions for growth.
  • However, for several reasons Coco is more forgiving
  • Power outage: no O2 quickly drowns roots in DWC… There is no similar problems in Coco
  • Controlling bacteria and root-rot is far easier in coco
  • Acts like soil!
  • Similar experience in terms of growing and transplanting
  • Ability to use stakes in the containers, etc.

What are the Keys for growing in Coco

The challenges of growing in coco

  • CalMag
  • Frequent watering

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